Unique and recognised know-how since 1926

Complete expertise from spinning to sewing.

European leader

Spinning, weaving, tailoring

Our company owes its position as a European leader in the textile industry to the extremely high standards it has maintained in the areas of spinning, weaving and sewing ever since it was founded in 1926 in Le Thillot in the Vosges.

Over the years, we have combined the ancestral know-how that has been handed down the generations with the latest technological advances.

Advanced technology, responsiveness and quality:
TMT provides the guarantee that
the products are spun and woven in France
in optimum and responsible conditions.


Expertise, passion and know-how

Our teams are highly qualified, passionate and painstaking. Our production machines are highly efficient. We have expertise in the totality of the textile-making process, which allows us to meet the most demanding needs of major French and European brands.

Since 2006, TMT is part of the Incopar textile group. That family business founded in 1825 is also based in the Vosges, and shares our values of excellence and social and environmental responsibility.


Vosges Terre Textile

An independent body that proves and guarantees that the items purchased are genuinely manufactured in the Vosges (75% of the manufacturing process are carried out there), based on traditional principles: quality, traceability, authenticity, creativity and safety.
It is a reference for those who want to protect the livelihoods of people who are perpetuating the know-how of their forefathers with passion.


Confidence in textile

The “Confidence in textile – Tested for harmful substances to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100” mark guarantees the absence (or a very low content) of many chemicals, making these textiles harmless to human health. Heavy metals, formaldehyde, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, phthalates, organotin compounds, dyes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated aromatic compounds, flame retardants, etc. are regulated.


Organic textile

The Global Organic Textile Standard covers the entire production process based on the use of organic fibres, environmentally and socially responsible processing and labelling, in order to give customers credible guarantees. The standard covers the processing, manufacture, packaging, labelling, marketing and retailing of all the textiles manufactured with at least 70% natural certified organic fibres.


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are generic standards for certifiable management systems. “Generic” means that these standards can apply to all organisations, large or small, which supply any products or services in any line of business. ISO 9001 sets out a series of requirements for implementing a quality management system, while ISO 14001 sets out requirements for an environmental management system.

An expert team

For high-quality support in the development of your projects, regardless of the production stage (from weaving to sewing), TMT employees are recognised experts in their fields. Their complementary profiles make for a pragmatic approach in the field, in all contexts of work, and leading-edge technical expertise.


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Catherine Rossignol


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